Project Aeon

They call today the “information age”, and indeed we are awash in information.  But I believe are on the brink of a new era, one of storytelling.  Stories have the power to make information accessible, relatable, not to mention entertaining.  The power of stories is the intellectual thread that binds humanity together.  And since the advent of photography and cinematography, storytelling through video has had the power to inspire like never before.

Storytelling in the age of AI

Storytelling has been a uniquely human ability — until now.  With today’s AI, it is now possible for computers to tell every story there is to tell.

What if we could “see” the web?

What if we removed the old constructs of pages, clicking and scrolling. The web is that largest database of information ever to be created, but people don’t interface with databases. We listen, we learn, and we laugh in the presence of a skilled storyteller.

Presenting Project Aeon

Aeon is a new suite of technologies that utilizes AI to visualize the web. Today, Aeon can build a video from a webpage, with summaries, narration, and pathways to more related information, with zero human intervention.

In fact, the video you are watching is 100% created by AI, but steered by the human knowledge captured on a webpage.

The Future

In the future we envision new devices, as ubiquitous as TVs are today, that can provide a new medium to the world’s information. An artful blend of both passive and active participation, an interface that is both human-guided, as well as exploratory.  News will be factual, but will pull from all of the web’s resources.  People can learn about any topic in a richly visual and interactive manner.  And all this can be delivered in real time through the power of computers.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in this project. Let’s make the world of tomorrow a better place with Aeon and A.I.